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Simon Harris is available as a guest lecturer and speaker at colleges, Universities and other educational establishments.


Areas of creative expertise include electronic music production and  audio recording, arranging, mixing and mastering. Simon brings his 35 years of real world music production experience and can offer students a unique and beneficial higher education learning environment.

During his career as remixer, producer and electronic music composer, Simon has provided his services and sounds to many well known legendary artists and music industry figures including Prince (his only UK No1 hit - The Most Beautiful Girl in the World), Fatboy Slim, Simon Cowell, Joyce Sims, James Brown, REM, Luthor Vandross, Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley (UK No1 pop hit ‘Jack your Body’) and many more. 


Simon was signed as an artist and producer to major label London FFRR records by Pete Tong MBE (BBC radio One) and had the UK top 20 pop hit ‘Bass’ (How Low Can You Go?’) appearing on BBC Top of the Pops which was also a US Billboard No1 hit in the USA and a hit in many other countries. 

Pete Tong commissioned Simon to record an album for FFRR and he became one of the first artists to use his recording budget to build his own 24 track home studio and produced/engineered the groundbreaking album himself which was released in the UK and US on Polygram.  Simon was the first in the UK to use sampling drum machine the Sequential Circuits Studio 440 to produce his own album and hundreds of early UK Hip Hop and house music tracks. He founded the first British Hip Hop label ‘Music of Life’ in 1986 which had UK pop hits and international released albums and singles.

Simon Harris is a fluent English speaking communicator who is able to teach and offer students an unparalleled learning experience on subjects including:


Choosing and configuring a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)

Defining workflow: Composing / Recording / Arranging / Mixing / Mastering

Recording ‘in and out of the box’ - virtual and real instruments

How MIDI works and the way to interconnect external instruments

Methods of programming digital drums and percussion

Recording the human voice - working with vocalists in the studio

Setting up a multitrack recording session

The workflow of arranging electronic music

The Mix session, EQ, levels, automation and creating a stereo mix

Mastering: Creating a finished record ready for the consumer

Making money from recorded music - How Royalties work

Digital streaming, Spotify, You Tube, Apple Music - How it works

Record labels, Marketing music and Radio

One-on-one, Private and Online tutoring also available

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